“In each client,
a great cause.”
Acting in the various practice areas of law, in a transversal support to individuals, companies and institutions, CSSA has been specializing in differentiated services, among which mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of corporate groups and structuring of real estate projects.

Seriousness, quality, and promptness are the foundations of a legal practice that is consolidated in relationships of mutual trust.

In this culture of proximity and rigor, a global project is developed, centered in Porto. Besides its presence in traditional foreign markets, namely Spain, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom, CSSA is able to intervene in the most diverse geographies, supporting people and businesses.

To do so, it relies on a cohesive and multidisciplinary team, capable of recognizing opportunities, creating solutions, resorting to solid partnerships whenever necessary. CSSA gathers different life experiences, academic knowledge and professional backgrounds. From plurality derives the ability to provide an integral response and the certainty of the exact competence for each case.
Established in 2006, CSSA balances tradition and innovation, dogma and creativity.

What motivates us: to guarantee the best defense of our clients’ interests and expectations.

“Serve with rigor. Act promptly. Deserve the trust.”