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Cookies are used in this website. Cookies are small text files with relevant information that your device of access (computer, mobile phone/ smartphone or tablet) carries, through a web browser, when a website is visited by the user. Cookies are not used to gather personal information, only the access device used.

Each cookie used has a function and an expiration date. With regards to its function, they may be essential to access specific areas of the website. They allow navigation in the website and the use of its applications. Without these cookies, the services which require them will not be provided.

Functionality cookies – Functionality cookies allow the website to remember user preferences regarding site navigation. In this way, reconfiguration and customization are not needed in every visit.
Analytical Cookies – These cookies are used to analyze the way in which users use the site, allowing the site to highlight items or services which may be of interest for the users, and supervise the performance of the site. This provides knowledge on what pages are the most popular, what is the most effective linking method between pages, and on why some pages are receiving error messages. These cookies are used only for the purpose of creating and analyzing statistics, never collective personal information. In this way the BPI can provide a high quality experience by customizing its offering and, rapidly, identifying and correcting any problem that may arise.

According to their expiration date, cookies may be:
Permanent cookies – They remain stored in your access devices (computer, mobile phone/smartphone or tablet), at the level of the web browser, and are used anytime the used accesses the website again. In general, they are used to direct navigation according to the users’ interests, to provide a more customized service.
Session cookies – They are temporary cookies and are available only until the end of the session. The next time the user accesses the browser, cookies will not be stored. The information obtained will allow for the management of sessions, identification of problems and the provision of a better browsing experience.

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