Criminal, misdemeanor and compliance

Criminal law increasingly requires a multidisciplinary approach and calls for versatility in the practice of law, with the defense of the client taking place in less traditional legal terrains. The purpose of our firm is to provide a full, confidential and efficient response to various situations (which do not fall within the scope of ordinary crime). We also assist our Clients in implementing compliance policies aimed not only at preventing problems and ensuring compliance with legal regulations, but also at qualifying them as ethically differentiated organizations.

- Economic and financial crime (money laundering, fraud, corruption, swindling, among others)
- Asset crime (namely abuse of trust, swindling, etc.)
- Crimes resulting from the violation of safety, environmental or public health rules
- Tax and social security crimes
- Cybercrime
- Compliance
- Misdemeanor defense before public and regulatory authorities
- Medical malpractice