Civil, family and successions

We have a team with in-depth knowledge of civil matters, in the most varied issues – purchase and sale, donation, leasing, construction, service contracts, issues regarding property rights, usufruct, easements, etc.

We are able to provide legal services in family and inheritance law, namely in divorce proceedings, amicable or litigious, regulation of the exercise of parental responsibilities, monitoring of inheritance processes, from succession planning – taxes, wills, donations – to the monitoring of partitions and inventory processes.

We also support our clients in the process of acquiring nationality and residence rights. Also in the third sector, we advise different types of non-profit organizations, including foundations, associations, IPSS and cooperatives.

- Drafting of contracts
- Acquisition of Nationality
- Residence authorization
- Legal advice to foundations, associations, IPSS and cooperatives
- Drafting of Antenuptial Agreements
- Divorce Process
- Regulation of the Exercise of Parental Responsibilities
- Drafting of Wills
- Donations
- Wills
- Inventory
- Advance Declarations of Wills/Will Statements